GraBag originated after a very dear friend was hospitalised three times in one month, not knowing what to grab in ‘n a stressful situation. Then my mother was taken to hospital and again there was a little voice telling me “make GraBags!” By then my mother has made the first prototype and when I wanted to grab it, it was nowhere to be found – so the moral of the story is, every house, car, and business needs a GraBag, and knowing where it is. It’s all about being prepared for every situation.

The question arose “why are you supplied with the bare necessities of life” on a luxury international flight but not when taken to the hospital in an ambulance?

The main inspiration behind GraBag is to give people in an emergency situation the “bare necessities of life!” Packed in a very practical, environmentally friendly, re-usable container that has a dual purpose as your drinking cup/bottle. The bottle keeps your bag dry and sealed for your protection. With the new nozzle, you are now able to drink while lying on your back in the hospital.

Branded GraBags are available on pre-order, among other things as corporate gifts and for sports events.

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