PENPêL was born in lockdown, Alta loves to read with a pen in hand, and in the end, the pen ends up inside your book, journal, bible, and diary damaging your book. Perfect for writing your “Morning pages” every morning. Alta’s mother had to make the first prototypes till she was happy with the design and the practicality of it. The first design is a small PENPêL that fits an A4 and A5 book and is adjustable, keeping your pen safe and close by. After that followed the PENPêL Plus made specifically for an A4 and an A5. This larger design now makes room for your phone with a hidden pocket on the inside for a business card or some backup money.

Choose from different fabric designs and colors. They are all fun, colorful, practical, and washable. They are the perfect gift with branded options too. Once you've had a PENPêL you will not be able to go without.

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